10 Quick Facts about ADA Parking

  • ADA is an abbreviation for “Americans with Disabilities Act”. It banned discrimination based on one’s disability.
  • In 1968, a Danish student Susanne Koefoed designed the International Symbol of Access. Also known as the International Wheelchair Symbol.
  • Recently, the International Symbol of Accessibility has been depicted as a forward leaning figure in a wheelchair to promote independence.
  • ADA Signs are required so that the bottom edge of the sign should be more than five feet above the ground.
  • Hospital outpatient facilities require that 10% of all available spaces need to be ADA accessible.
  • The ISA “blue” color is equal to Color No. 15090 in Federal Standard 595B,
  • Accessible parking spaces are required to be at least 96″ wide.
  • Space between adjacent accessible parking spaces are to be 60″ wide.
  • A site with four or fewer parking spaces, is not required to have signage for a van-accessible parking space.
  • For every six accessible parking spaces, one van accessible space is required.
  • The size of the ADA parking sign shall not be smaller than 12″ by 18″.

Bonus Fact

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