FlexPost® flexible signposts and bollards have been installed successfully across a wide range of industries and applications. Our products can be found in the parking lots of major retailers, supermarkets, restaurants, car washes, malls and shopping centers, universities, hospitals, stadiums and arenas, airports, municipalities and other government facilities. Contact us to discuss your specific project and find out if a FlexPost product is right for your project!

Hospital Parking Lot Signage


FlexPost® is ideal for high traffic areas such as hospital parking lots.

Malls & Shopping Centers

Shopping centers, malls, and busy lots can benefit from our heavy-duty flexible signposts and bollards.

Schools and Universities

Schools and universities require many types of signage, including ADA parking.

Stadiums or Arenas

FlexPost® offers flexible signpost and bollard solutions for a wide variety of signage applications.

Government and Airports

Governments and airports account for some of the most heavily-trafficked parking lots in the country.

Grocery Retail

FlexPost® is the perfect fit for supermarkets and other retail curbside pickup and reserved spaces.


Manage traffic and keep people safe as you prepare your restaurant for curbside pickup, ADA parking and drive-thru lane delineation.

FlexPost Car Wash Installation

Car Washes

FlexPost can help you differentiate your car wash from the competition - by providing for a better customer experience in the parking lot.

EV Charging Stations

Electric vehicle (EV) charging stations are becoming increasingly prevalent in the parking lots of retail stores and other types of facilities.


FlexPost® is here to help your promote your brand and bring the customer experience to the parking lot - while keeping your customers happy.

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