The fast pace of the average American lifestyle, the click and buy deliver next day impulsiveness of the Amazon generation, and a pandemic have conditioned American shoppers into worry and concern over simple tasks such as entering a store. Suddenly, interacting with and around strangers and public spaces seems daunting, and the safety of our own cars has become the transaction point at many retail stores. While countermeasures such as masks and protective barriers appear to be marginally beneficial, the reluctance to enter a store prevails. 

With an average of 23,000 patrons walking through the door of a large supercenter per day, it is not hard to imagine the peril, potential accidents, property damage, and damage to customer vehicles. While the convergence of traffic proximal to the front door of major retail organizations is certainly good for business, the number of car sign collisions has skyrocketed by nearly 375%.1

Here are just a few of our FlexPost customers…

  • Kroger – Cleveland, OH
  • The Avenues Mall – FL
  • Spokane Valley Mall – Spokane, WA
  • Quail Springs Mall – OK
  • King of Prussia Mall –PA
  • DeVille Developments – Canton, OH
  • Yorkdale Shopping Centre – Toronto, Ontario
  • Eglinton Square Shopping Centre – Toronto, Ontario

Concrete bollards in parking lots are illogical and dangerous.  Protect yourself and your customers with an impact resistant system that is safe and cost effective. FlexPost’s construction and composition allows the posts to be hit repeatedly without being damaged. No longer worry about replacing sign post after sign post!

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