With an average of 23,000 patrons walking through the door of a large supercenter per day, it is not hard to imagine the peril, potential accidents, property damage, and damage to customer vehicles. While the convergence of traffic proximal to the front door of major retail organizations is certainly good for business, the number of car/signpost collisions has skyrocketed by nearly 375%.1

FlexPost® is here to help you manage traffic and keep people safe as you prepare for curbside pickup, ADA parking, and other reserved parking spaces. We manufacture parking lot flexible signposts and bollard systems that save real estate and facilities management professionals thousands of dollars annually in parking lot repair and maintenance costs, while improving the customer experience.

Our products meet ADA height regulations and withstand vehicle impacts by remaining flexible and durable over repeated hits, while minimizing damage to parking lots and vehicles. We also offer custom branding options to include logos and match color schemes.

FlexPost is a Member of ICSC - Exhibitor at ICSC Las Vegas 2023
Exhibitor at SPECS SHOW 2023

Flexible Sign Posts​

  • Standard and XL Available
  • Perfect Break-Fix Solution – ADA Compliant
  • Installs in 30 Minutes or Less; No Special Tools Required

Flexible Bollards

  • Standard and XL Available
  • Deter Vehicle Impact with a Rigid Bollard Appearance
  • Multiple Bollard and Tape Colors – Custom Colors/Decals Available

Bollard & Sign Post Combinations​

  • Holds Regular Sized (Standard) or Large Regulatory Signs (XL)
  • Deter Vehicle Impact with a Rigid Bollard Appearance
  • Custom Bollard Colors/Decals Available

Parking Lot

  • Quick-Deploy, Simple, Cost-Effective Solutions
  • Turn-and-Lock into Optional Portable Base
  • Custom Decals Available; Standard Safety Designs In-Stock

Here are just a few of our FlexPost customers…

  • Kroger – Cleveland, OH
  • The Avenues Mall – FL
  • Spokane Valley Mall – Spokane, WA
  • Quail Springs Mall – OK
  • King of Prussia Mall –PA
  • DeVille Developments – Canton, OH
  • Yorkdale Shopping Centre – Toronto, Ontario
  • Eglinton Square Shopping Centre – Toronto, Ontario

Concrete bollards in parking lots are illogical and dangerous.  Protect yourself and your customers with an impact resistant system that is safe and cost effective. FlexPost’s construction and composition allows the posts to be hit repeatedly without being damaged. No longer worry about replacing sign post after sign post!

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