Maurice’s Valu-Mart

The Town of Midland purchased several Flexposts for a municipal parking lot, we found the product very easy to install and they have held up very well. Bob was great to deal with and I would recommend the Flexpost product line in any parking lot to minimize sign and bollard maintenance or replacements. (See photos).

Quinton Kenney – Operations Technician
Town of Midland
Ontario, Canada


The Boeing Company

It has been brought to our attention at the corporate offices in Chicago that we have installed 12 of your Flexpost units at our Chorpus Christi, TX location just prior to Hurricane Ike in 2008. The hurricane had 115 MPH sustained winds in this area and the Flexpost product was standing tall with absolutely no damage, although we did lose the signs that were mounted to your posts. We are confident in the ability of the Flexpost product.

Jacob Morgan – Facilities Engineer
The Boeing Company
Chicago, IL


University of Tennessee Knoxville

We have previously installed the Flexpost products with the asphalt application last summer and those have performed well thus far. The success that we had with last summer’s installation is why we decided to invest once again with Flexpost. Please feel free to use us as a reference. I would be happy to convey the results that we have witnessed so far to any potential Flexpost customer.

ADDITION – October 2009

I am glad to hear that Flexpost sales are doing well during a difficult economy. I know the Flexpost has been a great addition for our operation. The Flexpost has helped us to meet ADA requirements in some difficult places where the installation of traditional posts would not work. So far only one Flexpost installed had to be replaced. The reason for failure was not the unit itself but due to vandalism. Overall I am very happy to have found the Flexpost product because it has helped to solve some unique problems that we have faced.

Wayne Shannon – Assistant Director, Parking & Transit Services
University of Tennessee
Knoxville, TN


Denver International Airport

Here at the Denver International Airport, we have installed Flexpost products in various locations through out our parking garages. This flexible sign post design has worked so well that we have ordered additional units and will continue to do so as needed. We are so confident that the FlexPost units will pay for themselves over and over again that we consider this an investment in our facilities, not an expense.

Chuck McRorie – Parking Facilities Manager
Denver International Airport
Denver, CO


Sanford Health

Sanford Health has been replacing damaged sign posts with the Flexpost products for some time now. Moving forward we will be making Flexpost the standard for all new and replacement sign posts throughout our campus. Flexpost has saved us both an incredible amount of time and money. We are thankful to have discoverd the Flexpost products and will gladly recommend them to anyone who are experiencing damage in high traffic parking lots.

Craig Phillips – Parking Director
Sanford Health
Sioux Falls, SD


The Shoppes of Grand Prairie

Flexpost would like to thank Cullinan Properties who have installed FlexPost sign posts in thier high traffic areas where signage is constantly being damaged and replaced. First impressions are important to Cullinan Properties. Using Flexpost sign posts will maintain your property’s original image over time, guaranteed. That’s the Flexpost advantage.


Boatwerks Waterfront Restaurant

I want to thank you for providing our new restaurant, Boatwerks Waterfront Restaurant with your flexible sign posts for our handicap parking spaces. The flexpost sign post design made perfect sense to us to eliminate any potential problems from bent sign posts from automobiles. They look great and the installation process was a breeze. We are very pleased with your new and innovative long term sign post solution. We would strongly recommend you to others that are looking for a long term solution to prevent bent sign posts.

Tom Webb – Owner
Boatwerks Waterfront Restaurant
Holland, MI


Geenen DeKock Properties

Flexpost would like to thank GDK Properties for their confidence in our FlexPost systems. with the proven savings in maintenance and replacement costs, Flexpost is sure to save GDK a considerable amount of both time and money.

National Institutes of Health

National Institutes of Health

They are great! The National Institute of Health is very satisfied with the look and practicality. And  I appreciate your response time and prompt shipment you really helped in closing out my project.

Rex Milam
Bethesda, MD

Image 360

Image 360

We came across your FlexPost product and ordered a few of them for one of our Property Management clients that operate an upscale shopping center in Boynton Beach, Florida.   Their tenant (Starbucks) needed a good way to protect and display their customer parking signage and the Flexpost system fit the bill. The installation was quick and painless, and our client could not have been more pleased..the same goes for us.  Thanks for helping us offer a great solution to our clients!

Brian Meister
Lauderhill, FL

Holt Architects

Holt Architects

We continuously had to replace broken/bent parking posts. It was worth the money to go with FlexPosts.

Graham Gillespie
Ithaca, NY


University of Connecticut

In summation, we are extremely pleased with the overall look, ease of install, durability and visibility of your posts. The Flexpost-XL have proved to be extremely versatile which is such a necessity in an ever changing and extremely challenging campus full of parking and transportation hurdles. Flexpost, and Dennis, specifically has been extremely helpful along the way and we have never had a problem ordering and receiving our products on time. I would recommend these posts to really any sign company / in house university service that has a need for parking lot control and post/sign damage issues.

Mark Phegley
Facilities Operations
Storrs, CT

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