SmartCone Technologies & Flexible Channelizers

SmartCone Technologies Inc., leaders of IoT (Internet of Things) technologies, partnered with the Ottawa Police Service for a project. The project was to make a busy intersection and surrounding bike lanes safer for cyclists and motorists. Before the project, the intersection was not signalized. Channelizers were perfect for this project.

SmartCone installed FlexPost’s Flexible Channelizers and fitted them with LED lights near the bike lanes. In addition to the channelizers, installation also included guideposts with sensor technology near the lanes. The sensor technology detects nearby cyclists’ motion. The posts collect the information, then redirects it to a computer located in a nearby hydro pole. Then, a computer sends a signal to the Channelizers that cause the LED lights to flash to caution motorists of nearby cyclists.

The motion sensor technology and LED lights improves the safety of cyclists on the bike lanes and any driver approaching the busy intersection.

Check out the project’s video below!

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