Visualize Your Project with Our FlexPost® Product Configurator

FlexPost® makes it easy to visualize how your FlexPost-XL™ or FlexBollard-XL™ could look in your parking lot.

FlexPost manufactures a heavy-duty XL line designed for frequent impacts from vehicles which includes flexible signposts, bollards and bollards with signposts. Our rugged XL base is galvanized for durability and utilizes concealed spring technology to protect from weathering. The stability of our XL base allows for the signpost to hold either standard or large regulatory signs. Aluminum sign brackets are included with the FlexPost-XL and FlexBollard-XL with Signpost.

Our product configurator serves as an idea starter, and allows you to customize your sign post around five different variables:

  • Sign Post Height (6′, 8′, or 9′)
  • Option to Add a FlexBollard to the Sign Post
  • Bollard Size (32″, 52″, or 72″)
  • Bollard Color – Choose from 8 common bollard colors, including red, grey, white, yellow, black, orange, blue, or green
  • Sign Type – Choose from 14 pre-selected sign designs, or upload your own design for a custom-branded look
      • The pre-selected sign designs include traffic safety and traffic signal signs typically found in a parking lot, such as stop signs, handicap/ADA parking signs, yield signs, and curbside pickup signs, as well as other reserved parking signs such as expectant mothers, veterans parking, and more.

Once you’ve configured your XL sign post/bollard, you can also download your customized image as a .png file to easily share with your team over email.

If you have a project you would like a quote on right away, click the Request a Quote button to send your configured image, along with your contact info, to FlexPost – and we will get back to you quickly.

Try our configurator tool now, or contact us to discuss your next parking lot signage project.


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