Need to install signposts or bollards in your parking lot?

Does becoming a self-taught bollard installer seem like a daunting task?

FlexPost® offers a flexible bollard solution that not only saves money by eliminating damage to the parking lot and customers’ vehicles, but also makes installation easy. In fact, most of our customers have installed our FlexBollard-XL™ with Signpost in less than 30 minutes, with no special tools or bulky equipment needed. Simply drill four holes and bolt down – all hardware, sign brackets, and installation instructions are included in the box. In the event that the parking lot needs to be reconfigured, simply take out the four bolts to remove the bollard. Then, either replace the bolts in the empty holes, or fill them in.

Install Flexible Bollards in 30 Minutes or Less with FlexPost

Compare this to the installation of a concrete-encased core-drilled bollard, which involves heavy equipment, the mixing of concrete, several hours of labor, and oftentimes cordoning off the parking lot.

Core-drilled bollards have their place in protecting a storefront, utility boxes, gas station pumps, etc. However, because they do not flex, they are not the ideal solution for parking space signage – as damage can be caused to both the customer’s vehicle and the parking lot upon impact.

When a customer is involved in a collision with a core-drilled bollard, they most likely will no longer be entering your facility that day and conducting business (supermarket, restaurant, office, etc.). A costly repair may also be in order for the customer’s vehicle, and possible litigation could result.

In addition, damage to the parking lot can be costly to the business owner. As of 2019, an average retail organization would replace 2-3 signs and posts per year, both in the ADA handicapped and BOPIS (Buy Online, Pickup In-Store) aisle, with an average cost of $900 +/- per required repair. Now that retailers are adding multiple signs/posts to their already crowded and confused lots, the car/post accidents are escalating. Read more in our retail case study.

FlexPost Makes Signpost and Bollard Installation Easy

Our heavy-duty XL base can be installed on an asphalt parking lot surface in four easy steps using standard tools. (When mounting on asphalt, be sure to install the base at least 10″ from any curb).

Step #1: Place base plate in desired anchoring location.
Mark the four base holes with a wax pencil.


Step #2: Using a 3/4″ masonry bit, drill 5″ in depth.


Step #3: Use a rubber mallet to tap the expansion plugs into the drilled holes.
Make sure the top of each expansion plug is flush with the asphalt surface.

Step #4
: Place the base plate over the four holes.
Use a socket wrench with a 15/16″ drive to thread all four hex lag screws into the expansion plugs.


In addition to Asphalt, FlexPost also offers XL mounting options for Heavy-Duty Asphalt (HDAA), Concrete, Natural Ground, or a high-strength Adhesive for use in parking garages.

Watch our Heavy-Duty Asphalt (HDAA) installation video for the FlexPost XL base.

Our team here at FlexPost would like to hear more about how we can help make your next bollard installation project easy, and save you money on repair and maintenance costs.

Contact us today!

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