Sell More Parking Lot Signage Using Our Updated Configurator

FlexPost® makes it even easier to help your customers visualize how your custom signs could look in their parking lots.

Our product configurator serves as an effective customer presentation tool, and allows you to customize signs with signposts around five different variables:

  • Sign Post Height (6′, 8′, or 9′)
  • Option to Add a FlexBollard to the Sign Post
  • Bollard Size (32″, 52″, or 72″)
  • Bollard Color – Choose from 8 common bollard colors, including red, grey, white, yellow, black, orange, blue, or green
  • Sign Type – Choose from 14 pre-selected sign designs, or upload your own design for a custom-branded look

We’ve made some updates we think you will find useful – including links to informative blog postings on topics that are relevant to your customers.

Our configurator works great on mobile devices and is web-based, so be sure to share with your sales team to use in the field.

FlexPost Product Configurator

Try our configurator tool now with three simple steps:

  1. Click the button on the left to visit our Configurator page on our website.
  2. Select post and bollard height, then either choose a pre-selected sign, or upload your own custom sign design.
  3. Next, simply click a button to download your custom image as a PNG file to place in a proposal, share with your team, or e-mail to your customer.

You can also send your configured design to FlexPost for a quick quote.

Our flexible signposts are quick to install, provide for custom branding, and are built tough to withstand repeated impacts in busy parking lots.

Perfect for curbside pickup and other reserved spaces, ADA, regulatory signs, wayfinding, and more.

We would appreciate your feedback. Try it out now – then contact us and let us know what you think!

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