The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) sets requirements for accessible parking spaces that businesses AND municipalities must follow. Failure to comply with these regulations can result in fines and legal action. According to, businesses and municipalities found to be in violation of ADA regulations can face up to a $75,000 fine for the first incident and $150,000 for any additional failures to comply.


One of the most common areas of non-compliance is the installation of ADA-compliant signposts and signage. Accessible Parking Spaces, as outlined on the ADA website, must be clearly marked with a sign that includes the international symbol of accessibility. Additionally, the sign must be placed in a location that is clearly visible from the parking space it designates. According to the United States Access Board website, the ADA sign must be mounted on a post that is at least 60 inches above the ground.


ADA parking space signposts with portable pyramid bases can become problematic as they are not affixed to the parking lot surface, and can be easily moved or turned. This can lead to issues such as signposts getting knocked out of the parking space by a vehicle, or turned around so the ADA sign is not visible. Not only can this result in non-compliance with ADA regulations and lead to potential fines, it also creates an unsightly parking lot which can negatively affect an organization’s brand image. Tripping hazards are also a consideration when portable pyramid base posts and other objects in parking lots have been pushed into pedestrian walkways, leading to potential injuries and lawsuits.


Pyramid signpost bases can become problematic as they are easily turned or moved out of ADA parking spaces, resulting in ADA non-compliance and leading to potential pedestrian injuries.
Don’t risk non-compliance fines or potential hazards from pyramid base signposts.


FlexPost offers a safer, more durable, and aesthetically pleasing solution.


FlexPost’s All-in-One ADA Bundle gives you everything you need to stay compliant: XL-B52/8, ADA sign, sign brackets, heavy-duty asphalt (HDAA) or concrete anchoring hardware, and installation instructions.


Unlike pyramid base signposts, our surface-mounted solution eliminates tripping hazards by keeping the signpost flush with the ground. The heavy-duty galvanized steel base with hidden spring also allows the signpost to bend upon impact, eliminating damage to vehicles and the parking lot. Plus, installation can be completed in only 30 minutes or less, with no special tools required.


FlexPost also offers the proper post heights and signage options that are compliant with state and federal regulations, including use of the more active “go logo” that is now required in some states, including Michigan and New York.


Unlike pyramid base signposts, flexible signposts and bollards are surface mounted, which helps to minimize tripping hazards and keeps the post in place when struck by a vehicle. A hidden spring also allows the post to bend and return to an upright position, eliminating damage to vehicles and the parking lot.
If you have a need for a larger quantity or special project, contact us for a consultation. Or, buy now on our website!





In conclusion, businesses and municipalities must ensure that their parking spaces are compliant with ADA regulations to avoid fines and legal action. This includes proper signage, post height regulations, and ensuring that the parking spaces are clearly marked and maintained. FlexPost can help establishments maintain ADA compliance while also enhancing the aesthetics of the parking lot. It is important for businesses and municipalities to take the necessary steps to ensure ADA compliance to provide a safe and accessible parking experience for individuals with disabilities.


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