Why Use the FlexPost® XL-B52/8 Signpost vs. Core-Drilled Bollard Signpost?

Core-drilled bollards have been used in parking lots for many years. However, because they do not flex, they are not the ideal solution for parking space signage. Even a minor collision can cause damage to both the customer’s vehicle, and the parking lot surface, upon impact. 
Damage to the parking lot can be costly to the property owner, not to mention litigation from unhappy customers. 


The installation of core-drilled bollards also involves heavy equipment, the mixing of concrete, several hours of labor, and cordoning off the parking lot – inhibiting traffic flows and limiting access to the facility.
FlexPost® offers a flexible bollard/signpost solution that not only saves money by eliminating damage to the parking lot and to customers’ vehicles, but also makes installation easy. 
In fact, most installations of our FlexBollard-XL™ with Signpost take less than 30 minutes, with no special tools or heavy equipment needed.


Why Use the FlexPost XL-B52/8 Signpost vs. Core-Drilled Bollard Signpost?
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