EV Charging Stations

Electric vehicle (EV) charging stations are becoming increasingly prevalent in the parking lots of retail stores, supermarkets, restaurants, office buildings, and other types of facilities.

As electric vehicles become more commonplace, customers are relying on the convenience of parking lot EV charging stations more and more. Installing a charging station provides an opportunity to further differentiate your organization, and maintain a higher degree of relevancy with your customers. 

FlexPost Applications:

  • EV Parking Space Signage
  • Mount Charger on a FlexPost
  • Wayfinding to EV Charging Areas
  • Branding – Custom Colors
  • Protection of Charging Unit
  • Eliminates Damage to Charger and Vehicles

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Flexible Sign Posts‚Äč

  • Standard and XL Available
  • Perfect Break-Fix Solution – ADA Compliant
  • Installs in 30 Minutes or Less; No Special Tools Required

Flexible Bollards

  • Standard and XL Available
  • Deter Vehicle Impact with a Rigid Bollard Appearance
  • Multiple Bollard and Tape Colors – Custom Colors/Decals Available

Bollard & Sign Post Combinations‚Äč

  • Holds Regular Sized (Standard) or Large Regulatory Signs (XL)
  • Deter Vehicle Impact with a Rigid Bollard Appearance
  • Custom Bollard Colors/Decals Available

Parking Lot

  • Quick-Deploy, Simple, Cost-Effective Solutions
  • Turn-and-Lock into Optional Portable Base
  • Custom Decals Available; Standard Safety Designs In-Stock
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