Differentiate Your Car Wash and Protect Your Equipment with FlexPost®

Car Wash Equipment Faces the Toughest of Conditions

Your car wash capital equipment faces the harshest of environmental conditions. Car wash components are continuously bathed in not only soap, water and other cleaning chemicals, but also salt, tar and other types of dirt and debris being washed off of vehicles from the road.

In addition to challenging environmental conditions, customers’ vehicles can also be hard on both wash components and parking lot structures. The constant maneuvering of cars and trucks in and out of vacuum parking spaces, as well as the need to accurately position a vehicle before entering the wash bay, all contribute to wear and tear and potential damage.

Flexible Car Wash Signposts and Bollards – Made of Steel and Built to Last

FlexPost® manufactures a heavy-duty XL line designed for frequent impacts from vehicles which includes flexible signposts, flexible bollards and signposts with bollards. Our rugged XL steel base is galvanized for durability and utilizes concealed spring technology to protect from harsh environmental conditions. The stability of our XL base allows for the signpost to hold either standard or large regulatory signs. This can be especially helpful in wayfinding applications, such as placing large signs near the entrance or exit directing customers toward vacuum parking areas, etc.

FlexPost Heavy-Duty XL Base – Made of Galvanized Steel for Durability
An Easy and Cost Effective Solution: Install Easily within 30 Minutes – with No Special Tools Needed

The installation of traditional bollards and sign posts can require heavy equipment, the mixing of concrete and specialized tools. Oftentimes, areas of the parking lot need to be cordoned off for safety. FlexPost signposts and bollards are easily installed by simply drilling 4 holes and inserting/tightening the bolts with a wrench. Assembly/mounting instructions and the required hardware are included in the box, and installation can usually be accomplished with minimal time and labor.

Compare this to the installation of a concrete-encased core-drilled bollard, which involves heavy equipment, the mixing of concrete, several hours of labor, and oftentimes cordoning off the parking lot.

FlexPost FlexBollard – Available in Multiple Colors or Custom
Differentiate Your Car Wash by Providing for a Better Customer Experience

Core-drilled bollards have their place in protecting a storefront, utility boxes, gas station pumps, etc. However, because they do not flex, they are not the ideal solution for parking space signage – as damage can be caused to both the customer’s vehicle and the parking lot upon impact.

When a customer is involved in a collision with a core-drilled bollard, they most likely will no longer be utilizing your car wash, resulting in lost business. A costly repair may also be in order for the customer’s vehicle, and negative word of mouth, or even possible litigation, could result.

FlexPost FlexBollard-XL Car Wash Installation
Set Your Car Wash Apart from the Competition with Custom Branding

FlexPost flexible bollards can be customized to match virtually any color, and company logos can be added, serving to further set your car wash apart from the competition. If a signpost and sign is desired, the post height and number of sign brackets (and number of signs per post) can also be specified. With this level of customization, a variety of car wash signage placements can be effectively covered, including the designation of vacuum parking spaces, displaying pay-station signage, marking boundaries, delineating traffic lanes, and more.

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