Top 5 Benefits of Installing Flexible Bollards in Your Parking Lot

When to Include a Flexible Bollard When Specifying a Signpost?

Here at FlexPost, we specialize in flexible bollard and signpost parking lot solutions. One of the questions we often get asked is whether to include a bollard when specifying a signpost.

Although we offer both our Standard and XL signposts without an accompanying flexible bollard, there are several factors to consider before making this decision.

FlexPost With and Without an Accompanying FlexBollard
FlexPost With and Without an Accompanying FlexBollard
1. Rigid Appearance Deters Impact

The use of a flexible bollard along with a signpost tends to deter impact. Most people’s reference point is that of a traditional concrete-filled bollard that can cause damage to a vehicle when struck – which leads to drivers taking extra precautions to avoid hitting them. However, when a bollard/signpost flexes upon impact, the driver can continue on with their day, and costly repairs are avoided.

Flexible Bollards Can Be Used to Deter Impact
Flexible Bollards Can Be Used to Deter Impact
2. Ease of Installation

The installation of a concrete-encased core-drilled bollard involves heavy equipment, the mixing of concrete, several hours of labor, and oftentimes cordoning off the parking lot.

Compare this to the ease of installation of a FlexPost Standard or XL flexible bollard with signpost, which can be installed on an asphalt, concrete or natural ground surface in four easy steps using standard tools. Learn More.

Install Flexible Bollards in 30 Minutes or Less with FlexPost
Install Flexible Bollards in 30 Minutes or Less with FlexPost
3. Bollards Provide for Greater Visibility

A flexible bollard effectively “dresses up” a signpost, providing for greater visibility in a busy parking lot with many distractions. Otherwise, a steel signpost (without a bollard) tends to blend into the background of an asphalt parking lot. For this reason, bright colors such as yellow or red are often utilized.

4. Color Matching Allows for Custom Branding

Bollard color selection also allows for organizational branding. Since the customer experience begins in the parking lot, it’s important to have the capability match corporate colors and signage. Reflective tape colors can also be specified, allowing for additional customization.

Color can also be used to designate certain types of signposts/parking spaces from others. For example, ADA posts are generally blue with white reflective tapes.

Using the same color bollard for similar types of parking spaces provides for a clean, consistent look across a parking lot.

Customize and Brand Your Bollard with FlexPost

Interested in seeing how your customized flexible bollard with signpost and signage could look in your parking lot? Try our Product Configurator.

FlexPost Product Configurator

5. Bollards Allow Signs to be Raised Higher on the Post

Bollards also provide for a “spacer,” or an area near the bottom that allows the sign to be higher up on the post. A sign raised higher on a post creates multiple benefits.

One benefit is that the sign can be seen from across the parking lot, serving as a wayfinding tool to help direct traffic to the proper areas of the parking lot (curbside pickup, ADA, veterans parking, etc.).

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Another benefit of this “spacer” area near the bottom is that the bollard/post can be struck by a vehicle, without bending or denting the aluminum sign. FlexPost refers to this part of the bollard as the “impact resistance bumper zone.” Drivers of larger vehicles, such as pickup trucks, SUVs or utility vans, are often seated higher than those in cars, and may not be able to even see signs that are not elevated by at least 6 feet from the surface of the parking lot.

FlexPost Impact-Resistance Bumper Zone - 52" FlexBollard with Signpost for ADA

Interested in Learning More?

Interested in learning more about the benefits of utilizing flexible bollards/signposts for your next parking lot project?

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