FlexPost Literature: Introduction to FlexPost, Product Line Sell Sheets and Specification Sheets

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FlexPost Inc. is a market-leading manufacturer helping organizations manage traffic and keep people safe as they prepare for curbside pickup, ADA, and other reserved parking spaces. Our flexible signposts and bollard systems save retailers, restaurants, hospitals, universities, airports and other types of facilities thousands of dollars annually in parking lot repair and maintenance costs.
FlexPost Inc. offers the ideal solution for curbside pickup signposts, which has proven to be essential in transforming retailers’ parking lots into highly influential path-to-purchase touchpoints. The FlexPost-XL™ line of heavy-duty flexible signposts and bollards are quick to install, offer significant cost savings, and are built tough – to withstand the rigors of busy lots. In addition, bollards can be customized to match virtually any color. Signs can also be custom-designed to include logos and other corporate branding elements.
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Click the images and links below to download an introduction to FlexPost, product line sell sheets and specification sheets for each of our products.

Introduction to FlexPost

Introduction to FlexPost – Page 1

Introduction to FlexPost – Page 2

FlexPost-XL – Product Line Sell Sheet

FlexPost-XL – Sell Sheet – Page 1

FlexPost-XL – Sell Sheet – Page 2

FlexPost Standard – Product Line Sell Sheet

FlexPost Standard – Sell Sheet – Page 1

FlexPost Standard – Sell Sheet – Page 2

FlexPost-XL – Spec Sheets

FlexPost-XL Signpost – Spec Sheet
FlexBollard-XL – Spec Sheet
FlexBollard-XL with Signpost – Spec Sheet

FlexPost Standard – Spec Sheets

FlexPost Standard Signpost – Spec Sheet
Standard FlexBollard – Spec Sheet
Standard FlexBollard with Signpost – Spec Sheet

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