The Many Applications for FlexPost® Across a Parking Lot

Our FlexPost-XL™ line of heavy-duty flexible signposts and bollards are ideal for curbside pickup and several other applications in heavily trafficked parking lots. These products are quick to install, offer significant cost savings and are built tough – with a galvanized steel base and concealed spring technology for added durability and weather protection.

Curbside Pickup

FlexPost Application: Curbside Pickup
Curbside pickup signage can also incorporate branding elements, which provides for a consistent look and feel between in-store, website/app, and the parking lot. Signs can be customized to include just about any type of artwork or messaging, as well as multiple sizes and shapes. Bollards are also available in a variety of standard colors, and pantone (PMS) chips can be matched for custom. Die-cut decals can also be designed and adhered to bollards for additional customization.
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FlexPost Application: ADA
All businesses or privately held facilities are required by law to follow federal ADA guidelines. ADA access signs need to be posted at properly designated accessible parking spaces. These accessible parking spaces must be identified by signs that include the International Symbol of Accessibility.
Our FlexPost-XL™ and FlexBollard-XL™ with Signpost are designed with ADA requirements in mind.
It is important to note that while the ADA provides a central set of guidelines for handicap parking spaces, state and local governments have the authority to impose their own codes, as long as they meet or exceed those contained in the ADA. Therefore, it is important to check with state and local authorities to ensure compliance. Get more information and technical assistance for complying with the Americans with Disabilities Act here.

EV Charging Stations

FlexPost Application: EV Charging
Electric vehicle (EV) charging stations are becoming increasingly prevalent in the parking lots of retail stores, supermarkets, restaurants, office buildings, and other types of facilities.
As electric vehicles become more commonplace, customers are relying on the convenience of parking lot EV charging stations more and more. Installing a charging station provides an opportunity to further differentiate your organization, and maintain a higher degree of relevancy with your customers.
Well-placed signage helps EV drivers navigate to EV charging station parking spaces. Signage also helps prevent EV charging spaces from being occupied by non-EV drivers.


FlexPost Application: Wayfinding
A BOPIS (Buy Online, Pickup In-Store) research study conducted by Bell and Howell and Intel found that 86% of customers stated that signs outside directing customers to the curbside pickup area are important, and 85% said it is important that the curbside pickup location is visible when driving into the parking lot. Similarly, almost 50% said they found the curbside pickup window because there were signs directing them.
Based on the results of this study, it is important to not only designate specific parking spaces for curbside pickup, but also direct customers using signage to the curbside pickup area upon entering the lot. This is especially important if curbside pickup service is new to the store and customers are not yet familiar with the process.
FlexPost® signpost/bollard products can be mounted into different types of parking lot surfaces (concrete, asphalt, natural ground, or by using an adhesive), allowing for a variety of wayfinding signs to be employed. This helps orient customers and increases safety, while at the same time improving on the customer experience.

Veterans’ Parking, Expecting Mothers’ and other Reserved Parking

FlexPost Application: Veterans' Parking, Expecting Mothers' and other Reserved Parking
In addition to branding, another way to differentiate your facility, and show how your organization cares, is to create special spaces for veterans, expecting mothers, or other types of reserved parking. FlexPost’s fast installation and adjustable sign brackets make it the perfect product for more reserved spaces.

Stop Signs & Yield Signs

FlexPost Applications: Stop Signs and Yield Signs
Stop signs and yield signs are common on roadways, but can also be utilized in parking lots. Adding a bollard adds an element of visibility that is not present with a post alone. For example, a red bollard on a FlexPost® with a red stop sign at the top can have a dramatic affect, resulting in increased safety.

No Parking Signs

FlexPost Application: No Parking Signs
FlexPost® also works well for no parking signs. If these signs are installed on a concrete pedestrian walkway, concrete mounting hardware can be utilized to ensure proper anchoring.

Marking Boundaries

FlexPost Application: Marking Boundaries
The Flexpost® FlexBollard™ is ideal for marking boundaries, edges of concrete pads for turning guidance, or other areas to be avoided by vehicles. Available in various heights and colors, our FlexBollards install in 30 minutes or less, and give the appearance of a static core-drilled bollard.

Protecting Walkways or Areas with Pedestrian Traffic / Yield to Ped Signs

FlexPost Application: Protecting Walkways or Areas with Pedestrian Traffic / Yield to Ped Signs
The area in front of a retail establishment can be a tricky place with usage by both pedestrians and vehicles, often at the same time. Customers are crossing the roadway to enter or leave the store, and drivers navigating the parking lot must use extra caution. A FlexPost-XL™ with a yellow bollard, and both a Yield to Ped sign and decal, can help maximize awareness for added safety.
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